Ham and Swiss Breakfast Wreath




  1. Heat oven to 400°F. Line a 15 x 10-inch baking pan with parchment paper.
  2. Whisk eggs and cream in a bowl. Season with salt and pepper. Set aside 2 tablespoons for egg wash.
  3. Melt butter in a large skillet over medium heat. Add remaining egg mixture; cook and stir until eggs are almost set. Stir in 1/2 cup swiss. Remove from the heat.
  4. Unfold puff pastry on a lightly floured cutting board; roll out to a 14 x 11-inch rectangle. Using an 11-inch plate or large bowl as a guide, cut pastry into an 11-inch circle. Transfer to prepared pan.
  5. Lightly trace a medium bowl (about 5-inches diameter), with a paring knife, in the center of pastry circle, taking care to not cut through dough. Cut the inside of traced circle into eight triangles.
  6. Sprinkle remaining swiss on pastry circle to within 1/2 inch of edges. Spoon on egg mixture, ham and bell peppers. Fold triangle points over filling. Bring outer edges of pastry up; press to seal points for wreath shape. (Filling will be uncovered.) Brush pastry with reserved egg wash.
  7. Bake for 18-20 minutes or until pastry is golden brown. Garnish with parsley.
  8. Enjoy!